Using Direct Mail to Market Your Local Service Successfully

Direct mail marketing can be an effective way for local service businesses like plumbers, electricians, lawn care providers, and more to reach potential customers in their area. Here are some tips for running a successful direct mail campaign:

Target your mailing list

The key to direct mail is targeting the right audience. Purchase a mailing list from a list broker that fits your ideal customer profile – for example, homeowners within a certain radius of your service area. You can also rent lists from organizations like schools or churches to target families.

Keep your message simple

The goal of a mailer is to grab attention quickly. Use a catchy phrase or question as the headline in large bold font. Get right to the point about what service you provide and include a strong call to action like “Call today for a free estimate!”

Highlight your local presence

Emphasize that you are a local business located right in the community. Include your full company name, address, phone number, website, and photos of your team. This helps make your business feel more real and approachable.

Offer a special deal

Incentivize prospects to get in touch by offering something like 10% off their first service or a free product with purchase. The deal should be exclusive to direct mail recipients.

Follow up

Use a call to action like “Call by MM/DD to claim this offer!” This creates urgency. Be sure to follow up with those who don’t respond within a couple weeks by sending another postcard or letter.

Test and refine

Try different mailing lists, offers, headlines and designs. Track response rates to see what resonates best with your audience. Refine your approach over time.

Direct mail can be a cost-effective way for local service businesses to generate leads and grow their customer base. Following these tips can help maximize results.

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