Your kindness seemed limitless and authentic. You spoke with enthusiasm, and were able to wrangle the attention of distracted and apathetic preteens.

People that have the ability to communicate technical topics into palatable terms are quite valuable, especially in the private sector.

You could have been somewhere much more interesting; with much better pay, and a fraction of the stress. Instead, you selflessly gave yourself to teaching 8th-grade science in our rural community in Blountville, TN.

You took a subject my thirteen-year-old mind viewed as droll and empty, and revealed an exuberance I was not capable of seeing. Since then, I’ve worked on the embedded software for an electroencephalography device, refined fraud detection algorithms with RNN models, and contributed to virtualization software used in the datacenters of a $477 billion search giant. However, those things are not nearly as valuable as what you did.

To the people like you, that commit their time and attention to giving kids in underprivileged areas a fighting chance of having a good life; thank you.

I will do my best to continue to use what resources I have to support people like you.

Thank you, Mr. Torbett.

Ryan Maynard

I enjoy peppermint gum, and a nice all-purpose cleaner. Pretty decent at breaking stuff. #dataviz, #ai, #econometrics, #bizintel, #openbci, #neuro, #fullstackdev

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