The .directory TLDs are cheap, and no one seems to be using them. For a laugh, I made a directory of people with my name yesterday. Here is how I summate the experience:



  • Building something is always nice.
  • It required maybe two hours of my attention at most.
  • It was something to sling onto Github Pages.
  • I become acquainted, via email, with a few other people named Ryan Maynard.


  • The overall aesthetic of the site is atrocious.
  • I left the stock images in the site.
  • It serves virtually no purpose, and I will not put in the effort to rank it.


There are a few more things I could do to make tidy up this toy project.

  • Create a Jekyll theme that is more neutral/generic with same layout.
  • Create a fairly easy to understand README with a few screenshots.
  • Use this to make a beginner-level Jekyll tutorial.
  • Buy a few more domains of famous people, create the directories, and link them all to the git repo.


All in, it was a nice little project to do last minute. I like to monitor my create:consume ratio. It is so easy to default to consumption of media and content; but I seem to feel better and healthier, when I’m incessantly making things big and small.

Do me a favor? Go make a small something right now? Something that you enjoy doing.

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