Making Your Website Faster: Page Speed Optimization Tips for 2023

A fast website delivers better user experience, higher conversions, and improved search engine rankings. With new Core Web Vitals metrics that Google uses to measure site performance, optimizing your page speed is more important than ever. Follow these tips to speed up your website in 2023:

Leverage Caching Plugins

Caching stores elements of your pages so they load faster on repeat visits. Plugins like WP Rocket and W3 Total Cache can dramatically improve cache times. Ensure caching is enabled and configure settings like cache lifespan for optimal speeds.

Optimize Images

Large, unoptimized images slow down page loads. Use tools like EWWW or Imagify to compress images and convert large files to next-gen formats like WebP that are optimized for web. Lazy load images to delay non-critical images from loading.

Minify CSS, JavaScript and HTML

Minification removes unneeded whitespace and formatting to reduce file sizes for faster loading. Plugins like Autoptimize can automatically minify CSS, JS and HTML. Also, defer non-critical JS loading.

Upgrade to PHP 7.4 or Higher

Switching to a newer PHP version like 7.4+ improves backend speeds. PHP 7.4 is over twice as fast as PHP 5.6. Ask your host to upgrade if you are not on 7.4 or higher.

Use a CDN for Faster Load Times

A content delivery network (CDN) stores cached copies globally so content loads faster. Most caching plugins integrate with CDNs like Cloudflare. Using a CDN also optimizes delivery of assets.

Reduce Server Response Time

Faster server response times improve your site’s performance. Switch to optimized web hosting that uses SSD storage, efficient architecture, and fast networks. Review response metrics and upgrade plans if needed.

Check Core Web Vitals Reports

Google Search Console and PageSpeed Insights provide Core Web Vitals reports to help diagnose technical issues impacting performance. Review reports regularly to catch problems.

By following these tips, you can optimize your WordPress site for faster page loads. Measure speed frequently and check analytics to see the impact on traffic and conversions over time.

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