Email Marketing Tips to Increase Open and Clickthrough Rates

Email marketing remains one of the most effective digital marketing channels for engaging your audience. However, getting your emails opened and clicked can be challenging in an increasingly crowded inbox. Here are some proven tips to improve your open and clickthrough rates:

Craft Attention-Grabbing Subject Lines

Subject lines are the first touchpoint to make an impression on your subscribers. Use urgent phrasing like “Last Chance” or listicles like “5 Ways to…” to pique curiosity. Personalize subject lines to improve open rates.

Segment Your List

Divide your list into groups like customers, prospects, influencers etc. and tailor email content specifically for each segment. Targeted emails have higher engagement.

Send From a Person, Not Company

Use a name like “John from Acme” as your sender instead of a generic name like “Acme Inc”. This builds a relationship with subscribers.

Write Conversational Copy

Avoid formal language. Use industry jargon sparingly. Build a connection through friendly, conversational tone and relevant pop culture references.

Highlight Benefits in Copy

Focus on how your offering solves problems for the reader. Clearly explain benefits like “Get tools to grow your business” instead of features.

Use High-Quality Images

Include custom photos, infographics, gifs etc. to make your emails more visually appealing. Ensure images complement your messaging.

Place Call-to-Action Buttons Strategically

Calls-to-action should stand out through color, size or placement. Avoid cramming in too many CTAs. Place one above the fold for visibility.

Reduce Form Fields

Long forms hamper conversions. Only ask for essential info upfront. You can collect more details once leads convert into customers.

Check Mobile Responsiveness

Test how your email looks on mobile devices. Ensure content is readable, links work and customers can take action easily on mobile.

Leverage Behavioral Data

Track user behavior like past email interactions, webpage visits etc. to segment contacts and send personalized, targeted emails.

Following these tips can significantly boost your email marketing results. Analyze data regularly and keep testing new tactics to continually improve open rates, clickthrough rates and conversions.

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