Driving PPC and Sales With Social Media Giveaways

Giveaways are an extremely effective tactic for boosting engagement and growing your following on social media. But did you know they can also help power your paid advertising and increase sales? Here’s how to maximize your next giveaway.

Pick A Relevant Prize

First, choose a prize that is highly relevant to your target audience and ideal customer. For an ecommerce store, this could be your newest or best-selling product. For a service-based business, it could be a free consultation, trial membership etc.

Making the prize closely aligned with your offerings gives you built-in content and messaging for ads. For example, a gym could give away a free month of classes then promote the giveaway by targeting interests like fitness, weight loss, and healthy living.

Promote the Giveaway with PPC

Once your giveaway is set up on social media, amplify its reach by promoting it through paid channels like Facebook and Instagram ads. Target interests and demographics related to the prize to maximize relevance.

The prize gives you a compelling offer to run ads around. And you can retarget people who engage with the promo to turn them into customers.

Capture Lead Details

Require entrants to provide their email address or other contact info to enter the giveaway. This gives you a valuable list to build custom audiences for future ads.

You can create lookalike audiences from giveaway participants to find new potential customers. Or target giveaway entrants with discounts and promotions after the contest.

Upsell When Fulfilling Prizes

If a customer wins your giveaway prize, offer special discounts or bundles when you fulfill it. Someone who entered to win your product is a prime candidate to purchase more.

An easy upsell for a free product could be discounted shipping. You can also suggest complementary or higher-end items.

Measure and Refine Your Efforts

Analyze performance metrics for your giveaway promotions and ads. See which social platforms, audiences and ad formats drive the most entries.

Double down on the high-performing elements and continue testing new variables. This helps you improve the ROI of future giveaway initiatives.

Social giveaways are about more than just growing followers. With smart integration into your ad strategy, they can directly impact your bottom line.

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