Creative Ways for Local Services to Use Social Media for Marketing

Social media provides a powerful platform for local service businesses to connect with customers and grow their brand. However, simply creating accounts and posting generic content is not enough to stand out. Local businesses need to get creative with their social media marketing to maximize results. Here are some innovative tactics to try:

Host Live Q&As

Go live on your business Facebook or Instagram page and invite followers to ask questions. This is a great way to showcase your expertise, provide value, and engage your audience in real time. Consider doing Q&As on topics your customers often ask about or to introduce new services.

Share User-Generated Content

Repost great photos, videos, or reviews that customers tag you in on social media. This builds credibility and shows potential customers how others perceive your business. Make sure to get permission before resharing content. Offer incentives for users to tag your business.

Post Behind-the-Scenes Content

Give followers a sneak peek at what goes on behind the scenes of your local business. Share photos or videos of your team, office, equipment or work processes. This makes your business more relatable and humanized.

Host Local Events

Coordinate free local workshops, classes or networking events to bring your community together and position your business as a thought leader. Promote the events heavily on your social channels. Consider Facebook Live video to engage virtual audiences too.

Partner With Local Influencers

Find social media influencers in your area like bloggers or community leaders to collaborate with. Offer them a special discount or free service in exchange for promotions. Influencer endorsements can help raise credibility.

Run Social Contests

Launch contests on social media to drive engagement. For example, offer a prize for users who share photos of your business or leave a review. Contests give followers an incentive to interact with your brand.

Getting creative with local social media marketing takes effort but delivers results. Test out various tactics to determine what resonates most with your audience and achieves your business goals. Adjust your strategy over time for maximum impact.

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