For the sake of completion, I need to spend a minute in order to type the final part to this tiny project.

As I made a mental list of the parts, parameters, and arrangement of the homemade JARVIS; I realized that Amazone Echo would be more than adequate. Echo has an excellent API, an explosively growing ecosystem, and a solid list of integrations ready-to-go.


This week, on Product Hunt, someone debuted a huge list of skills for Alexa. Its called Additionally, there are plenty of results on Github for Alexa and Echo. I’m going to pair a few Sonos speakers with Alexa using this integration. There is also a great bot-building framework called Claudia that will likely come in handy.

Ben Tossel also wrote a great article on the current status of voice assistants.


The major drawback to my original idea was the time-cost. I love making things, even if I get bored during the build, causing something to look like the antithesis of production-grade. However, this was almost too tiny with which to bother. More importantly, the Amazon Echo is cheap, as are the Sonos speakers. If I damage them by accident in the workshop, they will be easy and simple to replace.


I ordered an Echo and three Sonos speakers so that I could allocate more time to something more interesting.

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